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May 01 2015

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もうすぐ二歳( ^ω^ )

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so here are all the harassment blogs i think?? (i want to say that m1 kahel hasnt been harassing me lately anymore i just put it up there so i can say if they do start up again) pastel-cashews is an old transphobic person that just basically came at me at random to “defend” her friend that was sending me death threats and transphobic/racist hate for absolutely no reason which i may be able to link to in a second but its far back in my blog so ill have to go later. llezbackwards is a recent made blog just made probably by one of the two or the friend that sent me the death threats and transphobic/racist hate that just made the blog to bully me along with pastel-cashews making the blog to bully me as well and now most are obsessively self promclaimed stalking me and claiming everything i post is about them for some reason? even though ive been ignoring them?? but they continue to tag me in harassing posts ?? so yeah im going to put the names out so i can say if these blogs post more junk without the links as always its more than likely false but feel free to come talk to me calmly about any claims they make and ill tell you and link you to what really happened thank you

 they are finally ALL blocked so i should be able to just keep on my normal day 💙 they cant ruin my good mood they are wasting their times and are miserable people so i dont care 💙 and my transphobic harassers are back because of m1kahel. and m1kahel is supporting and encouraging those transphobic abusers but i mean they are an abuser too so i mean.

Here is a link to m1kahels racism and bullying >> -X- 

Here are the apologies m1kahel is claiming i never made and still ignoring -X-

Here is a link to what pax-vesania/pastelcashews and their friends did >> -X-

these people have been bullying me for a lonnnnggg time and obsessively stalking me (as they said themselves) but i wont let that affect me because im way stronger and cuter than them and i have amazing supportive people like my boyfriend mutuals and my sweet followers thank you all so much for all the help you have given me

and like i said i dont encourage hate on them even though they encourage it on me and are trying to drive me to suicide im just putting this out there to tell you that if they do post things about me to not just blindly believe them and to bring it up with me to be sure about it and if i have done or ever do something problematic its 100% encouraged to pleaase bring it up with me so i can correct it in myself as ive said many times before.

please stay safe, its ok to reblog this just so everyone knows but yeah i wont let these living pieces of shit affect me and neither should you im going to go continue having a nice day and now that i blocked ALL of them i wont see anything else they have to say bullying me thank you <3

they wont ever succeed in making me take my life sorry to disappoint them 

this is being posted since they are still attacking me and tagging me in things.

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you’re one in a million 💕💕

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apparently this needs to be said but uh abusive behavior is not excusable, even if its caused by mental illness, like

i get that it can make you manipulative or want to lash out. i really do. but you need to apologize when you are called out for it, you cant excuse it by saying youre mentally ill, you cant accuse people of ableism when theyre really just saying “hey this isnt cool you should apologize for this”

there are ableist people who assume that mentally ill people are inherently abusive. but being expected to own up to your abusive actions is not ableist. being held responsible is not ableist. you are not completely free of any and all criticism







Brandon Darby, an ex-anarchist, now an FBI informant who works for the conservative news source Breitbart, arrived in Baltimore not too long ago. If you see this man, DO NOT give him any personal information or respond to any of his questions. If he tries to film you, cover your face as much as possible and try to avoid him. If you spot him, yell it out so everyone else protesting knows.

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my face got chubbier

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*screams for 400 years* look how bad tumblr ruined this picture quality

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